Robert Hurwitz, M.D., is professional and offers his expertise for all your legal needs.

Dr. Hurwitz is available seven days a week for immediate telephone consultations at no charge. He knows that attorneys’ time is valuable and frequently the clock is running due to court-ordered demands. He will follow a case as it progresses and make himself available by phone at all times.

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Recommendations For Robert Hurwitz, M.D.

Law firms that can recommend this physician:

  • Columbus, Ohio:
    Roetzel and Andress – (Bob Graziano, Esq.)
  • St. Louis, Missouri:
    Passanante & Associates – (Paul Passanante, Esq.)
  • San Francisco, California:
    Lief, Cabraser, and Bernstein – (Amy Eden, Esq.)
  • Phoenix, Arizona:
    Ely, Bettini, Ulman & Rosenblatt – (Burt Rosenblatt, Esq.)
  • Miami, Florida:
    Lubell & Rosen
  • Austin, Texas:
    Chris Cagle, Esq.