Robert Hurwitz, M.D., is professional and offers his expertise for all your legal needs.
Dr. Hurwitz is available seven days a week for immediate telephone consultations at no charge. He knows that attorneys’ time is valuable and frequently the clock is running due to court-ordered demands. He will follow a case as it progresses and make himself available by phone at all times.
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Diagnostic Radiologist, Expert Witness

Bob Hurwitz, M.D., has 39 years of private and academic experience in Diagnostic Radiology. He is a full-time practicing radiologist, capable in all sub-specialties. Dr. Hurwitz is the first to recommend someone better qualified in a field that requires someone more specialized in a focused area of radiology.
In 34 years, he has testified on radiologic issues such as:
  • Standard of care
  • Communication with clinical colleagues
  • Child and elder abuse
  • Complications, expected and unexpected
  • Medical patent infringements
  • Federal and state standards
During this time, he has found the additional role of serving as an expert witness to be fundamental in becoming a better radiologist.
He has served the legal community from Coast to Coast, testifying in both depositions and trials during this time. In 39 years, none of his testimony has ever been excluded by any court.
  • Testified in municipal, state and federal courts
  • Available to discuss matters seven days a week
  • Telephone consultations about straightforward medical questions are performed without charge.
  • All trial testimony is accompanied by dynamic PowerPoint presentations that clarify difficult topics for lay juries.
  • Unbiased expert witness both for plaintiffs and defendants

About Dr. Hurwitz

  • A graduate (with honors) from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
  • He received a master’s degree (with honors) in biomedical engineering from the Whiting School of Engineering, a division of Johns Hopkins University.
  • He is a volunteer faculty as full professor at four different universities and continues to teach on a pro bono basis.
  • Authored 35 peer-reviewed scientific papers as well as two texts (one for professionals and one for the lay public). Royalties for these texts go to designated charities.
  • A member of numerous national and international radiologic societies and has received two fellowship awards
  • A Scientific Advisor to the only branch of the Smithsonian Institution outside of Washington, D.C. This is the Atomic Testing facility in Las Vegas, Nevada (now both a public museum and a testing center for residual soil and groundwater contamination).
  • Dr. Hurwitz has been engaged to offer testimony for overseas veterans for post-traumatic brain injuries.
Bob Hurwitz, M.D., has multiple medical patents but has turned these over to U.S. companies to avoid any conflict of interest. Familiarity with patent law has brought him several patent infringement cases. The largest in which he testified saved a major company $121 million  in claimed infringement.
Dr. Hurwitz is engaged currently in multicenter trials of effects of medications on mammograms. He is also a leader in the development of monoclonal antibody and isotope therapy of carcinomas.