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e-communication for radiologists and all physicians

The Boston Marathon disaster showed medicine at its best.  Medical providers were already onsite.  The fine hospitals of Boston had previously run disaster drills on a regular basis.

News reports did not disclose that even in the worst of circumstances, HIPPA laws were strictly adhered to.  Patient identification was rapid.  Families were notified only after giving proper identification.  Texting from ambulances to hospitals disclosed no patient name but only a descriptor of patient and nature of injury.

Face to face communication by Hospital staff was quickily documented using the electronic medical record system most facilities are now required to have in place.  The Press was kept at bay,

informed only of the number of patients, type and stage of injury.  e-communication proved effective but at no time was patient confidentiality breached.  My colleagues and friends at Brigham/Women's and at Massachusetts General Hospitals could view injuries either in radiology departments or in the Emergency Rooms using appropriate passwords and encryption of patient data.

The is a lesson for us all.  Even under stress, e-communication must be monitored.  When cell phones are dropped or stolen, the wireless provider should promptly be notified and all information from that phone blocked.  Advice from JCHAO is best seen at


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