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Exciting News: Dr. Brink the new Chair of Radiology at Harvard Med!

After 25 years, Dr. James Thrall is retiring from the post of Chief of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Brink, previously at Yale Med., returns to Harvard to assume this important position.

Video example 3-D imaging

To illustrate the value of 3-D, I attach a video. This shows how the data set of an individual
patient imaged on CT can be translated into 3-D models. This assists patient education, teaching
of residents and assistance with surgeons. A 3-D model makes for faster and more precise surgical approach.

3D X-ray is here!

3-D XRay is here for improved diagnosis, communication with consultants (both local and world-wide).
Improved teaching of students and residents.
Improved communication with patients.

Have a safe and happy summer!

Dr. Bob

Summer Update- Medical Assistants and Physicians

Summer is here,  Patient care comes first and this is what I advise all my residents in teaching programs:

There is now a hierarchy in medical practice, important for best delivery of good patient care. With medical care comprising 17% of this Nation's GDP,

a team approach will provide rapid care for all and help keep costs down.  The day of "Doctor" and his/her one nurse is long gone.

Every individual should wear a name badge and repeat who they are. Patients are concerned with their invidual problems and may be confused by all the individuals they meet in any medical encounter.

Physicians: Name badge and qualifications (M.D. or D.O.)

Nurse Practitioners: Name badge necessary  These are highly trained professionals that (under supervision of a physician can diagnose, treat and write prescriptions)

Physician Assistants: Name badge necessary. These are highly trained professionals, graduates of specific designated Universities.  They may not diagnose illnesses but are

licenced by each State to write progress notes, assist in procedures and even dispense prescriptions.  All must be supervised by a physician.

Medical Assistants:  These outnumber physicians in the U.S.A.   They play an indispensable role in preparing patients for examination, taking vital signs, taking brief histories and transmitting lab and X-ray results to the professionals above.  Thay can call in renewal prescriptions and even administer medications as per written orders of the physician or nurse practioner.


Patients may not fully understand this hierarchy of personnel.  Each plays a role in providing cost efficient care, whether in private practice or academic settings.  Ultimately the physician (or University) has the legal obligation to supervise this efficient team.  Any breach places the Physician as ultimately responsible.


Physicians and Universities need to provide written Job Descriptions for each of these individuals, review responsibilities and assure that all meet State regulations.

Chart reviews and regular meetings of this team assures each performs their duties within the law.  I emphasize that  unintended "Mission Creep" can occur over the years with

trusted NPs, PAs and MAs.

As medicine evolves into a more efficient model, patient trust will follow. 


A Happy and Healthy Summer to All!


Dr. Bob



Winter Update: Telemedicine and Teleradiology


#1. With today's shortage of physicians, telemedicine plays a crucial role in the nation's health. 

       A good definition of telemedicine is the use of modern computer tehnology to deliver healthcare

      at a distance.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services even has a website with toolkit

      to guide best use of this Internet resource


#2. Rural facilities are strained for specialists.  They rely on consultants from distant cities to interpret exams

     and work with on-site staff for best care. This could be through video-conferencing, transmission of images,

     and remote monitoring.


#3. The rules of good medicine must prevail.  A consultant, whether 100 feet or 100 miles away must have privileges

      at the Facility.  He/She must be licensed in State in which the facility is located, and must obey the Hospital rules and



#4. Communication is essential.  Critical findings need be called in.  Reports generated for such urgent matters need to

     be dated, timed, and with documentation of whom the report was discussed with.  To ensure that appropriate action will be

    taken, specify in the report that such action was recommended and accepted.


#5. Teleradiology certainly led the way.  Most Hospital staff radiologists have medical grade monitors at home to view

      night-time studies and consult with on-site E.R. physicians and others.


#6. Consultants who are asked to participate in telemedicine must be prepared to know the rules and keep lines of communication

open for feedback and further questions.  This is a growing field: robotics, telehealth, and compliance.


A very Happy and Healthy New Year to all!

Dr. Bob








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